Wellesley Masonic Lodge
A.F. & A. M.

Established May 27, 1912

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Ask One To Become One

Freemasons have not traditionally recruited members. Men who meet the following three requirements can simply ask a Mason to become one.
  1. You are an adult male (18+ years of age) of good character and recommended by a Mason
  2. You believe in a Supreme Being
  3. You are interested in becoming a Mason because you hold a favorable opinion of our institution and your decision to apply is based on you own "free will and accord."

If you meet the above requirements and would like ASK to become a Mason and a member of Wellesley Lodge you can always visit our contact page and send us an email. You can also contact us if you just have general questions about Freemasonry. We would be happy to talk to you.

Masonry The Oldest Fraternity

Freemasonry or more commonly known as masonry is the oldest and largest fraternity in the world.  The oldest reference of masonry can be found in the ancient 64 vellum Regius Poem or Halliwell Manuscript written in Middle English about 1425. The fraternity now consists of more that 3 million members meeting in lodges in nearly every free country in the world.
The Wellesley Lodge Tradition

The Wellesley Lodge has a long history of making good men better by providing fellowship, leadership, and education, to its members based on the three ancient Masonic Tenants: Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.  The lodge also is committed to providing charity and support to the surrounding community.

New members are always welcome just visit our contact page to ASK.
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